Green Machine Teams

Congratulations on wanting to be part of the Coldwater Volleyball Club program by trying out for one of our Green Machine teams. We think thisis a great way for you to learn the sport of volleyball and have many talented alumni to back up that statement. As a member of our club program there are certain expectations that come with your membership privilege. Here are some things that you should be aware of.
What can you expect from the club?
Your coach has been specially chosen to direct your team. He/She is under the guidance of Club Director, Kent Neitzert to ensure you get quality training in volleyball skills and in how you should behave in the coach-player relationship.
• You will not be treated as a “girl volleyball player” but rather as a volleyball athlete who is being challenged to develop into a contributing part of a team.
• We know there are times that you will be unable to make it to practice or matches. You are expected to let you coach know in advance of these instances and the reason you will not be present.
• Playing time during matches is earned but will be distributed fairly to each team member.
• We will make every attempt to keep you informed as to your practice and playing schedule.
What do we expect of you?
• You need to show up on time and be ready to start playing or practicing at the scheduled time.
• You will address your coach as “Coach” and be respectful.
• You will be attentive when your coach is talking.
• You will be respectful of your teammates and help them to become better players as well.
• You will hustle during drills and shag the drills when it is your turn.
• You will help set up and tear down the equipment when needed.
• You will clean up after yourself at practice and at matches.
• The correct response to your coach when he/she asks you to do something is “yes coach”, not give an excuses why you did what you did or why you can’t perform the asked for task.
• You will not ask your parents to get you water, get your jersey, tie your shoe, blow your nose or any other tasks that you are now old enough to do for yourself.
What do we expect from the parents?
Parents need to realize that winning is not a primary goal of this program. It is not even at the top of the list. Our primary goal is to teach these athletes how to play a competitive team sport and to become a skilled volleyball player. We want them to learn to rely on their team mates and to show that they can also be relied upon. We want them to understand that there are certain movement patterns that are involved in volleyball and that they need to master them. They need to become more athletic and efficient in their approach to this sport. A very noticeable result of achieving these goals is the fact that we will start to win more and more matches. For some teams it may be well into the season before we start to see the results of our efforts. Parents need to become part of this teaching-learning process.
• Parents can help by requiring that their daughter fend for herself during practice and tournaments. When they are forced to do for themselves they start to do for themselves on the court during the match.
• As hard as it is sometimes for the parent, it is difficult for the athlete to try and follow the directions of the coach and at the same time getting directions from a parent. Thus it is best if the parents cheer and support and let the coach do the coaching. If you feel you need to help, ask the coach if there is something you can do to help. There likely is but let the coach define your role.
• There will be times when your daughter feels down and wants support. Remember that sometimes it is best for her to work through the problem on her own. So she learns she can fix some things on her own.


We will practice on Wed evenings and Sat & Sun. afternoons. We will compete in tournaments on Sat &/or Sun about every other week end, starting in January. Most tournaments are within a 1 hour radius of Coldwater.

There will be a $50 tryout fee, of which $40 will be credited toward the players fees if the athlete is offered a spot on one of our teams. The $40 will be refunded if the athlete is not selected for one of the teams. If selected and the athlete chooses not to remain on the team the entire $50 will be forfeited.

The team fee for the 2023 Green Machine teams are is
$625 + $40 for jersey if needed + $10 for T shirt if needed.
Players my use their equipment from a previou season if it is still in good shape.
These fees need to be paid or arrangements for their payment made prior to the teams first competition. We are fine with you making the payment in 2 or 3 installments. We just need to know your plans for payment and would very much like to have the first payment made prior to the first match.