It is mandatory that your team has its AAU gernerated Roster.
Note: Entry into the tournament is $5 for adults.
  • Upon arrival at your site we will collect your roster.
  • Remember not to leave the site at the end of the day without fulfilling your officiating responsibilities and please clean up your area..

Teams will play a minimum of four 2 set matches to 25 points with no caps.

If a pool is reduced to 3 teams, they will play each other team 3 setrs to 25 with no caps and then advance to elimination play.

Welcome to Coldwater!
We hope your day is pleasurable.

AAU Tournament Information

The tournaments are listed by date.
Check to confirm your team is in the tournament or if it is already full.
Final pool and site assignments will be made when the bracket is full
or by Wednesday of tournament week.
Please check your tournament page a few days prior to the play date to note any necessary last-minute adjustments.
Some teams do find it necessary to drop-out due to unforeseen circumstances.
Map to sites 
Dr Browne Recreation Center
Click on the Age Division for individual tournament information.
Tiebreaker Rules
to be used at all Coldwater AAU tournaments.
Depending on turn-out, age divisions may be combined. (example: 13's & 14's, 15's & 16's)
Rosters will be collected at the gate.

Saturday, March 23, 2024

Cancelled due to loss of facility

Saturday, April 6, 2024

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  1. Coldwater
  2. Comet 12U Blue
  3. 12U Vollerz- Ali
  4. 12U Vollerz- Amy
  5. Redline 12-2 Gold
  6. Comet 12U Red




Saturday, April 20, 2024

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  1. Coldwater
  2. Quincy Orange
  3. Comet 12U Blue
  4. Comet 12U Red
  5. Quincy Black





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  1. Green Machine
  2. MWS 16U Cardinals
  3. Acers 6K
  4. JVVC 15u