2023 Fall Attack Clinic

This clinic will be held on Sunday afternoons so as to accommodate the schedules of the volleyball athletes. This clinic is aimed at players who are currently playing at the high school level. Arm-swing mechanics, proper approach and jump training will be the primary focus of the clinic. Each athlete will receive extensive repetitive review of proper hitting skills and should experience an improvement in their ability to attack the volleyball as the clinic progresses. The clinic will be conducted by long time coach, Kent Neitzert. Coach Neitzert has been instrumental in developing volleyball in the area for the past four decades. His knowledge of the sport and how to teach it's skills will make this clinic a truly rewarding, volleyball experience for all who attend. Coach Neitzert has twice taken teams to the Michigan High School Final Four. Yet he has the ability to teach the fundamentals of the game and improve the skills of any athlete. The number of athletes will be limited so as to ensure adequate player coach contact. The clinic will be held at the Coach Eby Youth Center in Coldwater and will focus on the fundamentals of hitting, including arm mechanics and jump training. The clinic will consist of five 2 hour sessions and will run from 3:00 - 5:00, Sept 24 through Oct. 22. Cost for the clinic is $75.

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