The mission of the Coldwater Volleyball Club is to promote the sport of volleyball to the youth of the area and to provide training to those who want to become proficient in the sport. This is accomplished through various clinics and Club Teams.

We attempt to field teams of about 10 athletes. We have two programs. Our Green Machine program runs from mid-December through the end of April and are generally our more advanced skilled teams. They compete in about 8 tournaments from January – April. We also field teams in the spring with tryouts the first part of March. These teams compete in fairly local tournament March -May. We attempt to not make cuts but rather assign athletes to teams of similar skill and age levels. We also attempt to give each athlete the opportunity to display their skill development during our tournaments. While playing time may not be totally equal for every athlete, no one will be relegated to the bench to watch their team mates play. When a player displays the ability to perform a skill during practice sessions, they will get to opportunity to attempt that skill as well in a match.

We provide training to each of our coaches to keep them abreast of the best techniques for teaching the skills of the sport. Much of the instruction is under the guidance of Kent Neitzert who has had over 40 years of volleyball coaching experience, including both high school and club experience.
School Sports: We encourage athletes to participate in multiple sports and work to allow an athlete to participate in their school sports as well as the opportunity to be a member of a Coldwater Volleyball Club Team.

The cost to be a member of one of our club teams includes a player’s fee which covers facility rental, tournament entry fees and coaching and administrative fees. Green Machine team fees are currently $625 for the season and our spring programs are $200. We strive to do all we can to make sure that the team fee does not prohibit an athlete from being a part of our program. Our Club will work with an athlete who feels that the team fee is more than they can afford. Every athlete who is a member of one of our teams must take out an AAU membership.

Your role as the parent or guarding is to see that the athlete gets to and from practices and competitions. We ask that you be careful in your attempt to coach your athlete, as what you are saying may be in opposition to what the coach is trying to accomplish. It is as well confusing for an athlete to be hearing their parent yelling from the stands and as well trying to either listen to or follow the instructions from the coach. If you find it necessary to talk to the coach about any concerns. Please do so at an appropriate time. Generally speaking, that should not be in the presence of your athlete or during a tournament. It is best to take a day to closely examine what your concern is before having a discussion with the coach.